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Endless Education Venture’s goal is to provide students with an environment similar to commercial testing centers where national licensure exams are frequently administered.  This opportunity allows participants to experience what test day may be like before the “real thing.”  Something that can’t  be replicated in a less structured environment.  Since your organization or society provides the exam, you are assured that the test covers what you intend to be addressed.  You provide the test, we do the rest!  Or if you choose, you can select a test provided by EEV.

Providing this opportunity to your students can also be a source of revenue for your organization.  Endless Education Ventures charges a flat fee per student, while your organization sets the price to the participants.  The difference between our flat fee and your price becomes your profit.


  • Tailored test questions that you provide.
  • Computerized Testing Environment that simulates a licensure exam experience.
  • Immediate test results provided.
  • Allows students to identify content area needing more review.
  • Provides a familiarity of what “testing-day” may be like.